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In the middle of August Chardonnay grapes were picked and by the end of August Sauvignon blanc. Both varieties had good acidity around 8.5, alcohol 11.5-12.0 and with good aromas and taste. They will be bottled in early spring. For the red grapes harvesting started in early September with Syrah, continued with Merlot, Cabernet Frank and Cabernet Sauvignon last in September 25. The last harvest was Thasinos in mid October. In general the year produced healthy grapes as there was no rain before and during harvest, and alcohol and acidity were at good levels. The peracre production was about 8.000 kilos. The vinification was in coolled stainless tanks and they were chilled on completion of vinification.

The harvest at Mount Athos started at late September and finished in early October. It gave good colour wine with good body. The year was generally dry with a minor rain before harvest. The wines were transferred to Kariani winery for aging in oak barrels and bottling next year.
In the winery we continue landscaping works and construction for completing the areas of wine tasting and the apartments for hosting guests. All red wines went to French oak barrels for aging for one year [50% in new barrels and 50% in 1-2 years old barrels]. The barrels are from Allier and Vosques wood. The white wines after chilling they are waiting for bottling in early spring.



 All white wines were crashed and allowed 15hr to extract body and aromas from the skins.

The year was one of medium high temperatures and medium rain falls and slight hail problems.

The harvest started with Traminer on the 20th of August and gave a wine with 12.5 alc. and 7.5 acidity, with medium body and excellent aroma of rose and lemon like taste.

The Chardonnay was harvested from August 20 to the 29 of August with 12.5 % Alc. and 7.2 acidity. The wine has a medium, good plenty of aromas mainly citrus fruit and peach and typical Chardonnay aroma. The taste is very balanced.

The Sauvignon blanc harvest started from August 31 to September 1st with 12.5% Alc. and 6.7 acidity. A wine with medium body plenty of aromas of citrus and peach and balanced taste.

The Merlot and Syrah were harvested from 28 of September to the 3rd of October. Alcohol was 14.5% and acidity 5.0 with medium body and aromas. The wine was put to oak barrels for one year ageing.

The Cabernet Frank and Cabernet Sauvignon were harvested from October 4 to October 10 with 14% Alcohol and 4.8 Acidity. The wine has a medium to a heavy body and colour. All the wine was directed to oak barrels for one year ageing.

The Georgina grapes which make the Thasinos wine was harvested on the 11th of October with good acidity 5.5 and 11.5% Alc. With good body, colour and intense fruity aroma mainly strawberry.

The harvest in Mount Athos was done by the monks and it gave a high alcohol 14% with 4.5 acidity, good colour and medium-high body and very rich in tannins which give the unique Athos wine taste.




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